Kerala Cuisine

kerala fish fry
traditional kerala food

Savour the Kerala cuisine exclusively cooked for you on board.
It is your pick, you could have your food how you want or else let our experienced cooks cook some delightful food for you.

Kerala cuisine is so popular among the travellers all around the world, especially those who go for the eye-watering spicy food. In the houseboat, generally you would be served with the typical Kerala style delicacies, however you have options to edit your menu. You may suggest the cooks your preferred meal and they would cook exclusively for you on board and the serve you the way you like it. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to try the Kerala food the way it is. The aroma and the flavour of the Kerala cuisine is distinct and the taste is simply finger licking-good.

Now, speaking about the Alleppey food, being a coastal town, sea food is its speciality. Also the tranquil backwaters adds fresh water fish delicacies to the menu as well. Pearl Spot and Seer fish are the 2 most served fishes in houseboats at Alleppey. The “Nadan fish curry” [Nadan refers to country] at Alleppey has a unique flavour and is a must try dish for food lovers. The recipe consists of a medley of red chillies, pepper, coriander, tamarind and the ginger-garlic paste.

To savour the food to the core, one must eat it the Kerala way. Do note, use bare hands which is the first rule. Keep aside your fork and spoon, fold your sleeves, mix up the rice with the bright red hot fish curry and start feasting.